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The village of Cajarc is part of a remarkable site, between the rivers of the Lot and the cliffs of the Causse. it's a beautiful little village of 1200 people, it's architectural and cultural heritage, body of water, intercommunal swimming pool, tennis courts, hiking and discovery paths, house of arts, the numerous festivals and events taking place during the beautiful season, make Cajarc a friendly and lively place where one never gets bored. Other than it's history, the small town of Cajarc reminds the visitors of today the memory of Françoise Sagan, George pompidou or Coluche. Cajarc also won the label of remarkable taste site for it's production of saffron from Quercy. Cajarc is two steps away from essential sites such as Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, Pech Merle caves, Figeac and Cahors' towns, the Causses du Quercy Natural Regional Parc, the Assier and Cénevieres castles.

Sky view of Cajarc

Saint-Cirq-Lapopie 20 km away

Perched on top of the Lot river, the medieval village to the cliff in a spectacular way. Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, elected favorite village of the french in 2012, blends with the rock wall hung 100 meters over the Lot river.
This medieval village has been considered to be one of the most beautiful villages of France for a long time.
From the Aulanac mill, situated at the foot of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, to Bouziès, you will discover the traces of a florar past along the locks, harbours and castles by walking or going by gabare to the halage path(chemin de halage) dug in the rock.

Saint-Cirq Lapopie

Figeac 25 km away

Come stroll in the Champollion city, art and history town which has been labeled by the ministry of culture for over 20 years. Situated on the edge Célé, Figeac will surprise you with it's many places and architecural monuments such as the Place des Ecritures, the Champollion museum and it's writings of the world.

Cahors 48 km away

Lot prefecture, Cahors is a thousand year old town, art and history town.
It's alleys and monuments show it's history, of the gallo roman time in the medieval era. Come visit it's patrimony, the remains of the amphitheater, the Valentré bridge(pont valentré) and the Saint Etienne cathedral which are listed as UNESCO world heritage. Cahors is an essential step on the main way of the chemin de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, the Via Podiensis. Around the medieval alleys, enjoy the charm of the plots and the 26 secret gardens which flourish the town.


Rocamadour 56 km away

Medieval city, 2nd site of France, overlooking the Alzou canyon, hung 120 meter high, Rocamadour is built in successive steps on the cliff side. Situated in the valley of Dordogne on a part of the chemin de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle which brings you from Conques to Cahors by Rocamadour, it is a mythical path carressing the mind and has been making you dream for over a thousand years. This village attracts over 1.5 million visitors each year and pelgrims who still today climb the 226 steps of the grand stairs on their knees to get to the miraculous chapel which houses it's gem, the Black Madonna, worshipped for over a millenium.

Other villages

You will be able to walk in typical village of the region such as Cabrerets 26 km away, Sauliac-sur-Célé 17 km away, Marcilhac-sur-Célé 14 km away, Espagnac-sainte-Eulalie 18 km away and admire the stone houses.
The lotois villages such as Calvignac 10 km away; Larnagol 10 km away, Laroque-Toirac 13 km away also deserve the detour, such as visiting the numerous mills of Quercy.

Larnagol mill


The Lot

Gastronomy in the Lot

The gastronomy of the Lot

The variety and quality of the products are one of the many advantages of this country :
- Farmer lamb, cabécou, fouace, mushrooms, vegetables, duck, foie gras and candied.
- The delicious river fishes such as the zander and the trout.
- the star dishes such as the truffle and the saffron.
- The powerful wines of Cahors will enhance the delight of the palet.
Every 2nd and 4th wednesdays of the month,there's the fair of Cajarc between 2pm and 6pm on the square of the town center.
Every 2nd and 4th wednesdays of the month,there's the fair of Cajarc between 2pm and 6pm on the square of the town center.

Padirac chasm (Gouffre de Padirac) 55km away

Le Padirac chasm (Gouffre de Padirac) is one the most fascinating chasm of Europe. It is a dizzying descent into the bowels of the earth. 103 meters down you reach the underground river and explore on foot the cavities shaped by nature for thousands of years.
Pech Merle caves(grottes du Pech Merle) in Cabreret 28 km away.
Prehistoric caves of Foissac in Foissac 21 km away.
Phosphates of Cloup d'Aural in Bach 24 km away.
Caves of Lacave 66 km away.

The Lacave caves
The Couanac castle

The castles of the Lot

- Le Castle of Cénevières 13 km away.

- Le Castle of Larroque Toirac 14 km away.

- Le Castle of Couanac in Varaire 20 km away.

- Le Castle of Assier 30 km away.

The Lot and Célé rivers

The Lot is run through by three main rivers, the Dordogne, Lot and the Célé, which dug grooves and offer us a magnificent view between the cliffs, the plateaus of Causses du Quercy. With their natural features, these rivers have carved caves which you'll be able to visit such as the Padirac chasm(Gouffre de Padirac) and the prehistoric caves of Pech Merle.
The typical and well preserved villages of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, Rocamadour, Calvignac which are often perched on top of cliffs, will amaze you.

The Célé river in the Lot